Kitoion association aims at prevailing kitoion-process technique that is 100% natural and environmentally friendly and contributing to comfortable and better lives.


Yasuyo Horiuchi

Interests in health and environmental consciousness rise and idea of "comfort", "safety",
and "reliability" is well known.

Kitoion is the fully natural processing method originated chitosan. We believe it makes our lives comfortable to use kitoion for clothing and commodities, which are necessary for human life.

We established this association to prevail kitoion-processed fiber.

We are concerned to our lives and help them improve through kitoion products.
We develop various kitoion products according to people’s needs and prevail them to our daily lives.

We hope your continuous supports to naturally processed "Kitoion".

Kitoion Association
Representative Director of Kitoion Association
Yasuyo Horiuchi
堀内 康代