Kitoion association aims at prevailing kitoion-process technique that is 100% natural and environmentally friendly and contributing to comfortable and better lives.

キトイオンとは キトイオン繊維の商品展開例

キトイオン加工生地 商品展開の可能性

The problem of an odor of clothing accounts for a large percentage in our lives.
It is the problem that dies hard even to consider various measures.

Kitoion association proposes development of products using kitoion- processed clothing that prevents the growth of germs even after washing.

Scene to be worried about


-Worry about an odor of indoor drying
 and the growth of germs.
-Prefer to use natural fiber because it directly
 touches a skin.
We use kitoion-process to 100% natural cotton and realize fully natural underwear that has antibacterial and odor-resist functions.

Bed Room & Living Room

Bed Room & Living Room

They are used everyday, but are not washed everyday so that antibacterial and odor-resist functions are very important.
Antibacterial function of kitoion-processed clothing lasts for long time and it also exercises for an odor.



Towels are used everyday, but we do not want to use them with even a little odor.
They are used for clean skins like after bathing or washing a face, so the growth of germs is also worried.
Kitoion-processed towels prevent odor and the growth of germs, and its functions last for long time.
Kitoion-processing is natural and gentle for skin, so it can be used safety.